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Council | Process | We are lean and agile

Our challenge at Edinburgh, as with a lot of public bodies, is to save money effectively, to look at processes, to look at services and to look at things happening within the Council so that we can identify the financial benefits too. So Engage Process allowed us to actually do that.

It certainly gives us everything that we could possibly need. Rather than having four or five different documents with a calculator on one, a spreadsheet in another one just holding your volumes, one with your risk log on it. We have got a central repository with all that and that’s what Engage gives you, your risk log for your process Engage gives you your time and gives you your roles involved and Engage gives you your process maps. So, it really is a kind of a one size fits all bit of software.

For somebody who just wants to jump on and clear a basic process map. They could do that with almost no training at all. It is very intuitive, very sophisticated. It is not like previous kind of process mapping software that I’ve used where you need a half day training just to get a basic process map on the page.

Martyn Thompson, City of Edinburgh Council
KINROSS COUNCIL | Process | We are lean and agile

Since first engagement with Andy at We Are Lean and Agile we have been offered a high level of advice, support and industry expertise.
We are Lean and Agile are easy to contact, easy to deal with and pro -active at offering a range of support either by e-mail, phone or on site. Further to this they are trying hard to increase the collaboration opportunities by arranging networking events with other public sector bodies to exchange knowledge and expertise whilst allowing us to create new networks of professional contracts.

Brackmel forest council | Process | We are lean and agile

Engage modeler was introduced to me by another local authority and I was interested to find out more which Andy was happy to do.

The analysis of as-is and to-be process maps in the software helped identify where we had waste in our processes, excessive hand-offs and the overall cost of delivering a service as well much more. It has given us more insight, data and knowledge of our processes and consequently how we can improve them for customers. The product provides a one stop shop for process mapping, analys