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The role of a business analyst

Business Analyst, Business Analysis and BA are all terms that can be used to describe the same job. The term "business analysis" is often associated with software development projects where an individual will work on requirements gathering for new products or services. A business analyst may also perform other tasks such as process mapping,

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Local Government Improvement – Kay O’Flaherty Podcast

Local Government Improvement We run our regular fortnightly Success Labs sessions for our users (sign up here). In a recent customer survey, the feedback we are getting most is that customers want to hear other customer stories. I was delighted to be sent a link to this excellent podcast with Paul Shepherd, Founder and CEO

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Beginners Guide to Kaizen – Part 4 – Kaizen for Business

Kaizen For Business Lean IT, Six Sigma, and Kaizen are all valuable frameworks for improvement. Lean is used to limit waste within existing processes to improve a company's efficiency. On the other hand, Six Sigma targets identifying and eliminating specific issues that cause errors or lead to waste. Kaizen methods come at it from

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Beginners Guide to Kaizen – Part 1 – Background

Beginners Guide To Kaizen - Part 1 - Background Kaizen is a process to improve processes and systems within your business continuously. This guide to Kaizen will show you the basics, which will help you and your business run more efficiently. Here's how to get started. This beginners guide to Kaizen is for