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Our trial process

We are so confident in the power and value of the software we invest time in helping you to evaluate it. If you still need more convincing have a look at why a more benefits driven approach to continuous improvement is advantageous here

You can evaluate our software with no risk or obligation (and no credit card needed). A typical example of our trial process is above.

  • You become aware of our products (Congratulations you have already done this)
  • We provide an online demonstration of the product and its capabilities
  • If you see a fit we set up your trial accounts, load some examples and issue them (this is normally within 1 day)
  • We provide a 1.5 hour get started webinar to help you effectively evaluate the trial
  • (We also provide additional ad hoc support to handle queries as required)
  • You decide whether the software is the right fit for you

We try to make evaluation easy (it’s a common theme for us!) as well as onboarding easy (your trial licence becomes your full licence if you decide to go ahead so all work is preserved).

All you need to provide is a bit of time to evaluate and the name/email for your trial licence.

There is no risk to the trial. Are you ready to give it a go yet?

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What do our customers say?

 We’ve been using Engage Process Modeller since our project commenced over 2 years ago, we are able to use this invaluable tool to help us re-design processes.  By capturing existing processes, being able to accurately cost and time them as well as easily identify waste it allows us, along with business experts for the service area to redesign the process taking advantage of the new technology at our disposal.  We find the Engage Process Modeller easy to get to grips with, but crucially we are able to extract data from it to showcase the digital transformation of our roll-outs.  Being able to use that data to track ongoing ROI, to help provide confidence to senior management and to showcase the outputs our project is delivering is a huge asset.

Steven Watt – Business Change Manager – Perth and Kinross Council

By providing training and licences to our staff across the council we have been able to equip them with the tools and techniques to be apply marginal gains and continuous improvement methodologies across our organisation. We have been able to capture and improve hundreds of processes across the organisation identifying the benefits of change. This has helped us to ensure we take the right projects forward in the right priority order. This is so important given the challenging improvement targets we face as an organisation. We have raised the skill levels for continuous improvement and embedded sustainable capability in the organisation. This was all achieved by our small improvement team with just a couple of days training from the company.

Greg Malkin – Change Manager – City of Edinburgh Council

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ENGAGE™ is a mature software product having been enhanced and developed in Holland for over 8 years now. Last year ENGAGE™ experienced 40% growth in Holland and exceeded that in the UK. Our consulting, private and public sector customers have contributed great ideas for enhancements over that period meaning the functions and features of this product deliver everything you need to improve your business processes. The tools are easy to use but also offer a huge depth of functionality for the expert business analysts or improvement officers.
If you are trying to do or doing any of the following, we are confident this product will not only help get better outcomes but also save you money by saving 30-40% of your business analysts time by mapping live in workshops to name just one tangible benefit.

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