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The easy way to deliver authentic online events with a human feel. Time to ditch the webinars and focus on the human experience and outcomes on our online event platform

What are people looking for in online events?

Under COVID 19 we were running a number of webinars to support our users. As part of this, we ran this survey a number of times. The results always came back similar showing that users were missing networking and more ad hoc human elements of face to face events.

Online event platform survey

Who needs an online event platform?

Who needs to run online events?

  • Event organisers

  • Venue managers

  • Senior leaders

  • Marketing managers

  • Agencies, PR

  • Education and training providers

  • Project and Programme managers

  • Community managers

Remo online event platform
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Andy Sandford
Andy SandfordFounder and Director of Improvement
COVID 19 has made many changes happen at pace. In terms of online events, We believe the genie is out of the bottle. The value of online events has been proved and we will never go back to face to face being the default.

But we need more than just webinars to serve our users needs. What is clear is the users want more rich human experiences not just webinars with limited interactions.

Organizations too need more than just webinars. We need to be able to bring people together to discuss and solve problems. We need to generate ideas and feedback. We need to be able to engage our teams in addressing the challenges that lie ahead.

That is why we are offering the Remo event platform. Find out more below.

Online event platform benefits

Say goodbye to webinars. Say hello to engagement with Remo the authentic online event platform, the one tool you need to humanize your online events.

What type of events can you deliver?

  • Business Internal Events – e.g. Team and organisation meetings, coaching, training, stakeholder engagement, workshops and social events

  • Business External Events – e.g. Lead generation, training, coaching, product launch, sales, consultations, user research and stakeholder engagement

  • Social Events – e.g. Poker nights, quiz nights, virtual celebrations, comedy nights, an audience with, treasure hunts and concerts

  • Complex Events – e.g. Trade shows, conferences, summits, multi stream/hall, networking, awards ceremonies, AGMs and high volume

  • Community and Network Events – e.g. Hackathon, conference, unconferences, awards, social, networking, planning, AGMs and collaboration

  • B2B Events – e.g. Conferences, networking, business development, exhibitions, trade shows, learning and development, training and coaching

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