The REMO Experience.

Whether you are a guest, event organiser, speaker or sponsor REMO offers a human online experience. Find out how

REMO Experience

The vision and mission of the REMO Platform is to build authentic relationships online, just like the real world.

Online events and webinars whatever the platform offer similar sorts of interactions that do not replicate traditional face to face events. The REMO experience is designed to humanize online events and replicate/enhance the traditional in-person event experience. The REMO experience is designed to delight your guests no matter what their specific needs.

Below we provide detail of the REMO Experience for 5 key roles

  • Event Guests
  • Event Organisers
  • Speakers
  • Businesses
  • Sponsors
Remo experience
Remo platform experience
Remo guests

REMO experience

Event Guests

The Remo experience for guests is different from many other online events and much more like real life.

  • Remo guests can freely network and interact with other guests, hosts, sponsors, and speakers.
  • Create their own experience with ad hoc corridor sessions
  • Collaborate with others on whiteboards, chat, Q&A and screen shares
  • Speak directly with experts live in the events
  • Join social sessions like quizzes, games, poker nights and so much more
  • Learn from experts in traditional speaker sessions
  • Move freely around and make your own event experience

Event Organisers

The Remo experience for event organizers helps to make better online events easier for you. There is no need to spend hours and hours trying to set up webinar tools to deliver better online experiences. Remo is designed from the ground up to deliver authentic human online events. Spend your time designing value into your events not setting them up. Remo offers:

  • Give guest an online experience just like/Better than real life​
  • Collaborate and engage​
  • Get data outputs from the event​
  • Easy and quick set up​
  • Create registration pages or use alternative methods​
  • Sponsorship and promotion opportunities​
  • Custom event plans​
  • Provide more than just webinars​
  • Set up and onboard speakers​
  • Buy software or just purchase events
Online events user needs
Remo for speakers

Remo for Speakers

The Remo experience for speakers is a very familiar presenting experience. Remo allows more human interactions for speakers enabling them to gain even more interaction with guests and live interactions.

  • Familiar and easy presentation experience​
  • Connect and interact with guests live​
  • Whiteboards, Chat, Q&A, Video and traditional content​
  • Private Speakers Green Room​
  • Network with guests and speakers​
  • Host panels with up to 6 speakers and 6 shared screens​
  • Get real engagement with your audience<