Changes to service – COVID19

Find out how we are changing our services to help our customers tackle the challenges of COVID-19

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With the current and potentially emergent restrictions and following many conversations with our customers we have decided to adopt a new model of service delivery. Having considered the current situation, we believe we have come up with a value adding plan.

With the challenges ahead, you need to be the best at continuous improvement and capable of delivering rapid iteration of your processes, understand the costs/benefits of change and potentially need to work in a remote way – all are benefits of using our Engage Process. With a sizeable public sector client base, we really believe that people need to have the best continuous improvement software to help our society through these trying times.

We want to help existing and new customers to get the most benefit from their investment in delivering more effective change.

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The major changes

New customers

We have always offered a free trial and training for potential customers to evaluate our software without any cost or risk. We will still look to be giving free trials in exactly the same way but we will offer more training and may look to arrange with multiple customers on the same session. We think multi customer training works better for new clients with a richer and deeper set of user needs.

Existing Customers

Training and coaching

We are moving all our training and coaching to an online delivery model and most importantly we are offering it free to our customers* (*Gold Suite or above) for a limited period whilst movement restrictions are in place. We believe rapidly iterating processes are more important than ever so we want to support our customers to get the most out of the software with their current challenges.
This does require the adaptation of our training from face to face to online and please bear with us during the period. The next most important thing is help us shape the offer so please complete the questionnaire on training needs.

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